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Energy Star Water Heaters

  • Highest Energy Rating Water Heaters
  • Lowest Total Operating Costs
  • Conforming to "New Energy Star 3" Guidelines

The Atlanta Experts for Water Heaters

Energy Star Water Heaters

Cut Heating Costs With An Environmentally Friendly System

According to a recent consumer report study, if the warranty on your hot water heater has expired, it's recommended to install a new unit rather than servicing the old one. If your water heater is problematic or on its last legs, you may want to consider upgrading to an Energy Star water heater. Since hot water heaters represent the biggest appliance contribution to utility costs, an energy-efficient water heater can bring substantial savings. With Energy Star qualified systems, you'll save an average of $300 per year or more on your household utility bills.

How Energy Star Works

Energy Star water heatersuse a heat pump method to produce hot water. This is based on the idea that it's easier to move something than to make something. Rather than generating heat directly, the system moves heat from one place to another. A heat pump water heater uses a low-pressure liquid refrigerant, which is vaporized and run through a condenser coil. The increasing pressure on the refrigerant causes it to heat up, and the heat is transferred to the water in the heater's storage tank, which in turn cools and condenses the refrigerant. When the cooled material reaches the end of the coil, it's sent through the same cycle, again and again. This “recycling” method of heating water allows Energy Star water heaters to consume far less energy than traditional tank water heaters—often requiring less than half the energy of gas and electric heaters. As an added bonus, Energy Star models are beneficial to the environment, with a much smaller carbon footprint that significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Your Source For Energy Star Water Heaters

At Delta Plumbing, we carry, install, and service a wide range of Energy Star qualified hot water systems for households of all sizes. Contact us for Fast, Reliable Service, and start slashing your utility bill today!

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